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Why customers love the Comfort Premium

The technology of the Emma Comfort Premium


Firmness Level: Medium-Firm

The Emma Comfort Premium Mattress is rated a 7.72 on our mattress firmness scale. It is the perfect choice for sleepers who want a greater firmness level for their mattresses.

What's inside your mattress?


Emma UltraDry™ Breathable Cover

This award-winning elastic cover is moisture-wicking to help keep you dry for a refreshing night's sleep.


Point Elastic Airgocell®

This elastic foam uses open pore technology to enhance breathability and sweat absorption to help maintain an optimal sleeping temperature. This layer also reduces disturbance caused by movement so that you can enjoy a perfect night of uninterrupted sleep.


Halo Memory Foam™

Emma’s memory foam adapts and molds itself to the shape of your body, promoting spinal alignment and optimal pressure relief.


Comfort HRX Foam

This ergonomically designed foam layer adapts to your body and perfectly distributes body pressure, allowing you to sleep comfortably regardless of your build or sleeping position.


AeroFlex® Pocket Springs

The Emma Comfort Premium is designed to give support to any type of body and to keep your spine evenly aligned for maximum relief, rest and recovery – no matter how you choose to sleep.


Supportive HRX Foam

This layer adds additional support by providing ample counter pressure.


The base layer for backup stability

The bottom of our UltraDry® covers is made of anti-slip fabric to bring extra stability to your nights.

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