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The Emma A - Z everything you need to know about mattresses

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Find out more about reviewing your order, the delivery process, and your mattress arrival in this section.

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  • What are the shipping/delivery costs?

    Shipping and return costs are free. Delivering your new Emma Original Mattress without worrying about shipping costs is part of our services.

  • How long does delivery take?

    Delivery takes 1-2 business days for metro areas. Estimated time of delivery for outside metro areas usually take 3-5 business days but may depend on your shipping area.

    Delivery estimates are subject to the availability of stock.

  • Can I change my delivery address or delivery date?

    After your order pushes through, please contact the customer service team for all changes needed including address change, cancellation, or delivery dates. You can reach us at [email protected]

  • How do I track my order?

    For metro deliveries, a tracking link for the order is sent to you via SMS on the day of the delivery so that you can live track the progress of the driver.

    For outside metro areas, you'll receive an emailed link where you can track the progress of your delivery.

  • Can I choose a specific delivery date or time?

    It is possible to delay your delivery, however it is not possible to choose a specific date. The date you select for the Delay Your Order option is the date in which the order gets processed. This means that your order will be delivered within 1-2 business days for metro areas from the chosen date and around 3-5 business days for outside metro.

    We're unable to guarantee a specific time for deliveries at this time as well.

  • What if I'm not able to be home to receive the order?

    Please provide us with an Authority to Leave and specific delivery instructions for your order if it's safe and possible to do so. We can forward this to our courier and have them leave the box on your porch, the back of your house, or any space where dry space where it can be secure and protected from the weather.

    You can provide the Authority To Leave upon check out or by reaching out to us with your order number.

  • What if I miss the delivery the first time?

    Our partner couriers will do 2 delivery attempts to your address before the mattress is returned to us.

    If you miss the first delivery, please reach out to us with your preferred redelivery date or an Authority to Leave. Kindly provide us with an alternate contact number to reach as well.

    For outside metro areas catered by TNT, the courier will leave a card at your address if the first attempt is unsuccessful. It will have contact information where you can reach out to directly coordinate a redelivery date with them. You can also reach out to us so we can provide their contacts and forward your redelivery request.

  • Do you deliver door to door?

    We do deliver direct to your doorstep and we try to commit to this as much as possible.

    For apartment buildings, as long as your building management allows it and we're able to access a service elevator, we'll leave your mattress outside your unit. Just indicate the unit and/or floor number upon checkout.

    As much as we'd like to guarantee a 100% door-to-door delivery for all orders, there may be instances where (due to our courier's service areas) we're not able to do so. In this case, please reach out to us so we can work with your to facilitate the next steps you'd like to take with your order.

Receiving the product

  • What do I do if I haven't received my welcome pack?

    We hope that every customer receives their welcome pack but we understand that packing mistakes can happen. If you happen to experience this, please contact customer service via e-mail.

  • What's in the welcome package?

    The welcome package is a booklet where you will find information on how to unbox the Emma Mattress. There's also other FAQs and information that you may find useful.

  • How do I unpack my Emma mattress?

    It's easy to unpack your Emma mattress so it's ready for use:

    1. Place your mattress the mattress box near your bed frame or the clear space where you'll be placing the mattress.

    2. Open the top of the box and tilt it until it's laid out horizontally on the floor. You can then carefully pull the vacuum-packed mattress out.

    3. Use scissors or the included cutter to cut open the first layer of plastic. Make sure that the clear space around you is enough for the unrolled mattress to be laid flat. You can also choose to unroll the mattress on top of your bed frame.

    4. Once the mattress is fully unrolled, slit open one side of the last layer of plastic around the mattress itself to let air inflate the mattress.

    5. While the mattress is inflating itself, you can slowly slide off the last layer of plastic. While you can use the mattress during the mattress without it during the 100-night trial, we ask that you keep it until your trial ends. This is because in the event that you wish to return or replace your mattress, our courier requires that it be wrapped in plastic.

    6. It takes 20 minutes for the mattress to inflate enough for use. Any large or visible dips that result from storage in the warehouse should also inflate and decompress after 2 hours.

    7. You should now be all set to unwind and stretch out on your beautiful, new mattress.

    You can also find a video tutorial on how to unpack your mattress here:

  • How long can the mattress stay in the box?

    We recommend that the mattress is not left, unpacked, in the box longer than 2 weeks.

  • After unpacking the Emma Mattress, how long does it take for the mattress to be ready for use?

    The mattress should expand enough so it's ready to sleep on after 2 hours; however, it takes 24-48 hours for it to inflate to its full size.

  • The mattress doesn’t look like the right size. What do I do?

    Please contact the customer service team at [email protected] so we can assist you further. The mattress does inflate in both width and depth after 24-48 hours. This means that the mattress can initially be a smaller size while still vacuum-packed or before it fully inflates.

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