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Memory foam mattress refers to the Visco foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses (also viscoelastic mattresses) consist of an elastic foam, which is also called memory polymer. These two concepts in themselves explain its properties quite well. Shape memory polymers are plastics which can "recall" their original shape, despite the fact that the material is subject to considerable stress and deformation.

Memory Foam Mattress for Good Sleep

Compared to other foams, the memory foam (also shape memory polymer or memory foam) always returns to its original form. This allows you to feel the reclining comfort of the mattress every night like new. Due to the fact that the mattress "remembers" its origin, the memory foam mattress is guaranteed a long life span. In addition, the adaptability of the memory foam allows for maximum comfort. A memory foam mattress reacts to heat and pressure which quickly molds to the body, allowing for ideal pressure relief. Mattresses with a memory effect, viscoelastic mattresses, are used primarily in hospitals and care homes because optimal pressure relief and longevity of the mattress is important, especially for bedridden patients.

Other Advantages of a Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Fits every individual body shape very well
  • Due to memory foam's ability to continually return to its original state, it is a long-lasting durable material
  • Comfortable and pressure-relieving
  • No long-lasting cavities

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