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The safe and easy choice

Firmer than microfibre pillows, the viscoelastic and HRX foams in the pillow relieve pressure and provide optimal support no matter your preferred sleeping position. Your spine stays aligned while you sleep because of the firmness of the pillow.

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Thermoregulating and adjustable

The Diamond Degree foam used in the pillow regulates your temperature, keeping you cool but not too cool at night. Along with a moisture-resistant pillow cover for extra breathability, you can fall asleep more deeply when your temperature is constant.

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Soft but never flat

With its cloud-like microfibre filling and supportive memory foam, its unique design allows you to remove the memory foam core to find the perfect height and support. Removing the foam core also allows for a comfortable pocket for your arms to nestle in.

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The Perfect Pillow Exists

Everyone sleeps in different positions with their own individual preferences. That's why our pillows are designed with removable layers and adjustable firmness on either side. You get the perfect pillow for you specifically and it'll prevent stiff necks, keep your spine properly aligned, and support your neck and shoulders.