The Emma Mattress Size Guide

No matter the size, each Emma Comfort is engineered and constructed in Germany, using only the best materials. We work with some of the best foam manufacturers in Europe to offer you quality you can rely on.

Mattress Size Comparison

Australian Mattress Sizes

188 x 92 cm
King Single
203 x 107 cm
188 x 138 cm
203 x 153 cm
203 x 183 cm

Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress Size

To determine the perfect height for your mattress, make sure it is 10 cm longer than the tallest person sleeping on it to ensure your feet don’t poke out at the bottom of the bed. To find the perfect mattress width, tuck both hands under your head and lie back on the mattress. If your elbows touch your partner or the edge of the mattress you will probably need a wider one.


DIMENSION: 188 x 92 cm


Recommended for 1 person, young children. This size is perfect for children or teenagers, as this mattress size offers just enough space for a single sleeper.

DIMENSION: 203 x 107 cm

King Single

Recommended for 1 person, taller children and teens. The King Single affords a little more space than the Single in both height and width. The longer length also means that this mattress size is great for growing children and taller than average people who might find smaller mattress sizes not spacious enough.

DIMENSION: 188 x 138 cm


Recommended for 1-2 people. The Double mattress allows single sleepers to fully stretch out and have freedom of movement. Although two people can fit on a Double mattress, over a longer time period it might be too much of a tight squeeze. This mattress size, however, is perfect for guest rooms.

DIMENSION: 203 x 153 cm


Recommended for couples. This popular mattress size is spacious enough to fit two sleepers. Queen size mattresses can fit in most standard bedrooms without taking up too much space. So, it’s a great option for master bedrooms or larger guestrooms. 59% of Australians surveyed said they sleep on a Queen mattress

DIMENSION: 203 x 183 cm


Recommended for couples with young children and pets. King size mattresses offer a large amount of space for two people to sleep comfortably. They are a great option for couples who like to snuggle up with their children and pets. This size tends to take up a fair amount of space, so is best for larger bedrooms.