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We all know the saying "woke up on the wrong side of the bed". That's why at Emma we have mobilized all of our sleep expertise to create a brand new app: Emma Up helps you improve your sleep in a sustainable way. Experience Emma Up for free in the app store today and get your own personalized sleep program!


No more generic sleep advice

Build habits for better sleep

Improving sleep is not a race. It’s about small consistent improvements. Emma Up helps you understand what your body & mind need for great sleep. Based on neuroscience, Emma Up then creates a tailored program for you that fits your life situation & nudges you towards building up specific habits – so that you sleep better. All of our suggestions are of course science-backed.

Supported by experts

A coach who understands you

Tackle your sleep goal together with your own human sleep coach. Our certified sleep experts are there to support you. Simply reach out to them via chat – whether you’re sharing concerns and struggles or getting advice on how to nudge yourself to better sleep.

Built by the best in the industry

To manifest the Emma Up app as the leading mobile app in the sleep space we are developing the app in consultation with our scientific advisory board – a panel of experts in the field of sleep.

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