Emma Credit Card Mattress

Give your credit cards a rest this Black Friday season.
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The World’s First Credit Card Mattress by Emma

Because even your credit card deserves a rest…


Our credit cards have been hard at work

With the end of year shopping frenzy just around the corner, it’s undeniably a tiring season for most of us…but none so much as our poor credit cards who get the ultimate thrashing during this time. So, this Black Friday, spare a thought for your poor little credit card and the hard work it does by giving it a well-earned rest (literally).

It’s high time we give them a rest

Emma have created the world’s very first mattress for your credit card, so that it too can get the rest it needs after helping you nab the best deals in town. Created using innovative technologies directly from the Emma Sleep Lab team of experts, the Emma Credit Card Mattress comes with a securable blanket card sleeve, ready for your card to snuggle right into, so it can get a gentle slumber before the next sale season rears its head.

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