The NEW Emma Hypoallergenic Cover

About 1/3 of the population suffers from House Dust Mite Allergy (HDMA), which is caused by the inhalation of house allergens. With this in mind, our team of sleep experts quickly got to work. Introducing the Emma Hypoallergenic Cover - designed to reduce allergens drastically and to keep your mattress surface fresh in a natural way. Read on to find out more about the revolutionary technology featured in the Emma Hypoallergenic Cover.

How does the Emma Hypoallergenic Cover work?

We use microcapsules with 100% natural probiotics

Yogurt with probiotics is one of the best ways to keep your stomach healthy by introducing good bacteria to your gut. Emma Sleep Experts took this concept and applied it to this new cover. We treat the fabric with microcapsules that are filled with natural probiotics, which are a 100% natural remedy against allergens like dust mites and pet hair.

What happens to the probiotic-filled microcapsules?

Once you start sleeping on your Emma Mattress, these microcapsules crack open to release the probiotics inside. It takes around 2 weeks for the mattress cover to be fully coated. It will then be permanently protected from allergens, ensuring you wake up ready for the day allergy-free.

Does the cover feel wet to the touch? Or do I feel the microcapsules?

Not at all. These probiotics are only seen on a microscopic level, and not to the naked eye. So think of this probiotic hypoallergenic cover like your invisible knight-in-shining-armour against irritations to your nose and skin.

Is the cover rough?

Not at all. This hypoallergenic cover is even softer than the regular cover of the Emma Comfort Mattress. It is constructed with sustainable natural bamboo and viscose that provides a soft, fluffy and luxurious feel.

Still not convinced? Try this new cover out with our 100-Night Trial. What better way to see for yourself what the hype is all about.

Get your hands on this revolutionary cover now

Get your hands on this revolutionary cover now


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