Emma Sleep Hotel

The first ever Sleep Hotel and Sleepgustation in Australia

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Check in to awaken your best

The Sleep zzZ-uites

Guests were greeted at entry by the Emma Sleep Hotel’s resident Snoreman, and guided to the Rest-ception for a 2pm tuck-in in our 10 custom Sleep zzZ-uites uniquely designed by Emma’s global Dream Team of snooze-ologists to cater to different types of sleepers. Each room featured elements that educated guests on ways to best set themselves up for the ultimate snooze, including sleep assistance packs, evening turndown service, and a room service menu that includes items such as a guided meditation or bedtime story.

A great day starts with a good night's sleep

Find your perfect pair

During tuck-in, guests were taken through a special Pillow Pairing session where they were matched with the perfect pillow to suit their sleeping position and needs. Whether you’re a side snoozer, back dozer, or front slumberer - Emma’s award-winning range of pillows have been expertly crafted to ensure you rest easy every night.

It ain't easy being zzZ-y

Snooze-ologist Session

Emma is invested in helping millions of people unlock their sleep potential. As part of the Emma Sleep Hotel experience, guests took part in a personalised 1:1 session with Emma’s resident Snooze-ologist where they learned more about their sleep habits. This session identified any current sleep concerns keeping guests up at night, educated them on how to improve their sleep during their stay, and most importantly, unlocked their overall sleep potential moving forward. And great sleep didn’t stop at check-out, guests had the option to take home their pillow of choice.

Get your zzZ’s on

The First Ever Sleepgustation

Book in for the best bite's sleep ever with a world-first, seven-course Sleepgustation Menu. The menu has been meticulously crafted by culinary masters in collaboration with Emma’s sleep scientists to create a truly unique and unforgettable gastronomic experience. Guests consumed dishes and drinks such as melatonin margaritas and serotonin-stimulating potatoes– all infused with sleep-inducing ingredients to improve their sleep while they waited at The Emma Sleep Hotel.

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“The Emma Sleep Hotel aims to provide guests the opportunity to learn how they can improve their sleep quality, all while having a little R&R.”

Emma Dream Team Global Snooze-ologist Emma Merritt