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The right body support during sleep is essential for proper sleep and spine alignment. To ensure proper body support it is essential to have a mattress that keeps your body in alignment. Night time is the most important time for your body to recover and regenerate so it is important to ensure your mattress is optimal for your body type. The adaptability of the mattress plays an important role in ensuring optimal body support.

Relief of the spine

The spine which connects the different skeleton parts, plays an essential role as you lay down. A healthy spine ensures an upright posture and mobility. In this case, the vertebral column maintains its natural shape, viewed from the side, it should make a double S-curvature. Only orthopaedic mattresses can help with spine disorders (paralysis or spinal disorders) as well as back pain. When lying down, the intervertebral discs, which lie between two vertebrae, have the possibility to refill with liquid and nutrients. This escapes during the day by constant stress. In order to cushion shocks and impacts during the day, this process is very important and requires optimal support of the body when lying down. However, if maximum relief is not allowed at night, it can lead to a misalignment. For example, this can lead to long-lasting damage such as pain, tension and bad posture. So it is essential that the mattress has proper pressure relief, no matter the sleeping position.

The combination of selected materials from the Emma Original Mattress allows for perfect adaptability. This makes selecting the degree of hardness of the mattress important. No matter how heavy or light the body weight is, the interplay of the Airgocell layer, viscoelastic foam, conical springs and supporting cold foam, the body weight is distributed evenly.

Body support in different sleeping positions

  • Back: Since the back of the shoulders often does not change position during sleep, care must be taken that the neck is supported very well. Sinking or lying too high in the body compared to the head may cause pain in the neck and shoulder. A point-elastic and adaptive mattress is ideal here.
  • Side position: Sleeping on the side relieves the back. Care must be taken that the neck is supported by a pillow. Otherwise there is an unpleasant pressure due to the kink between head and shoulder, which can lead to tension in the neck part.
  • Belly position: Since the sleeper in the belly position is usually very flat, the choice of a pillow that grants you total body support must be taken into consideration. In a highly filled pillow, the head is mostly overstretched. In this situation a flat pillow is recommended, which does not create too much height difference of the head compared to the body.

Emma Original Mattress and Body Support

Our Emma Original Mattress is designed to give the right amount of body support thanks to its hybrid structure of 3 layers: A supportive point-elastic foam that provides the necessary counter pressure whatever your sleeping position is, a high resilience foam that distributes pressure and adapts to your body´s unique contours and a point-elastic and breathable eco-friendly top layer. The Emma Original Mattress has a medium firmness that can be adjusted with a memory foam matress topper, designed to provide full body support.

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