Insomnia - Causes and Tips


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Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects millions of people across the world. People who suffer from insomnia have issues falling asleep, staying asleep or have poor sleep quality. Insomnia can either be categorized into short term or long term. The short term condition can be triggered by stress, certain medications, trauma and a number of other issues and is referred to as secondary insomnia. While primary insomnia refers to a long term condition that is not fully understood by the medical community and is treated by a medical doctor.

Secondary insomnia can be treated with a variety of changes such as through regular exercise, practicing better sleeping behaviors, reducing intake of caffeine and alcohol, reducing stress and in some cases through cognitive therapy. Ensuring that your sleep environment is peaceful and relaxing can also help reduce symptoms of Insomnia. Other issues related with insomnia is sleep apnea.

Symptoms of Insomnia Include:

  • Tiredness throughout the day
  • The urge to take naps throughout the day
  • Irritability
  • Issues with memory and concentration
  • Problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or bad quality of sleep
  • Depression

Tips for Easing Insomnia Symptoms:

  • Regular exercise
  • Stress relieving exercises
  • Not eating before bed
  • Following a bedtime routine (for example going to bed at the same time every night
  • Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible (ensure you have a high quality mattress, remove the TV from the bedroom, and ensure that light sources are all turned off)
  • Doing relaxing activities such as reading a book or taking a bath.

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