Mother's Day Treat

for you and your little one

The Power of a Mother's Voice

The sound of a mother's voice wields significant influence in shaping the cognitive and emotional development of her children. Research has shown that even short bursts of maternal speech trigger a flurry of activity in the young brain, activating areas linked to attention, reward, and emotion processing. This profound connection highlights the invaluable role of a mother's presence in nurturing the minds and hearts of the next generation.

Goodnight My Little Love

A Book by Emma

Through the enchantment of storytelling, we've crafted a bedtime tale that encapsulates the nurturing and guidance of a mother's love. Their narrative weaves a bedtime story around the significance of sleep and the limitless opportunities of a fresh day. Central to it is the bond between a mother and her child, forged through whispered assurances and mutual aspirations.

How the Book Works

Mums can easily access the free e-book by filling out a short form. Afterwards, the PDF will be delivered straight to your email for immediate access. Even when you're unavailable for bedtime cuddles, you can still create a comforting routine. Simply pre-record your voice reading the story on a tablet or e-reader. Your child can then follow along with the digital or physical copy while listening to your soothing voice, maintaining a sense of connection even in your absence.

Sleep is top of mind for parents

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