Mattress Topper: Memory Foam


Written by Emma Sleep

Published on 3/9/23

Edited on 3/9/23

In addition to the mattress and bed base, mattress toppers can also increase sleep comfort. Toppers are additions to a mattress with a height of approximately 4 to 9 cm. They make a mattress more comfortable and supportive. In terms of construction, a mattress topper is much like a mattress. The topper has a core and a cover. For the individual components, there are many different materials that can be used. So there can be many different toppers. They give added body support to the matress and make it more pleasant. Foam toppers do not interfere with the actual mattresses capabilities.The topper is attached to the mattress corners with one rubber band per corner. In part, there are also extra anti-slip coatings, which prevent the topper from slipping back and forth while on the mattress.

At first toppers were only part of boxspring beds. This substructure forms a box on which the mattress sits. Then on the mattress lies the topper. The topper is used on top of normal mattresses and is designed to customize the comfort of the sleeper. If a mattress is too firm, you can choose a topper that makes the mattress a bit softer. It can also go the other way around. When the mattress is too soft, a topper can add firmness.

Tips for Choosing a Mattress Topper

In addition to the quality of the topper, the materials used and the degree of hardness are also important. The most popular materials are viscoelastic foam, cold foam and latex. The body weight of the lying person plays an important role when deciding on a mattress topper as well as the individual needs concerning firmness. If you prefer a more cosy or cuddly feeling, choose a soft topper. On the other hand, people who like a hard bed should choose a higher degree of hardness. On average, most people choose a topper with a height of 5 cm.

Advantages of a Topper

  • Allows for individual customization
  • Alternative to buying a new mattress
  • Temporarily usable and easy to remove
  • Great for orthopaedic problems
  • Toppers also protect the underlying mattress from wear and tear

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